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Examples of CGI::Application in use

Applications distributed as CPAN modules

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Simple Examples posted on this site

Articles with Example Applications

Open Source software based on CGI::Application

  • Krang content-management system designed for large-scale magazine-style Web sites. uses HTML::Template with a BSD license.
  • Yapcom - Yet Another Perl Conference Manager is the interface for registration and administration of the talks for YAPC::Israel::2004
  • CPAN::Forum - A web forum for the 19,500 modules on CPAN

Completed Websites based on CGI::Application

These are examples of completed websites based on CGI::Application. Source code is usually not available.

  • Unlibrary.com
    • book sharing and cataloging site, uses CGI::Application, My SQL, Apache on Linux
  • Workman.com
    • Ajax, site search, shopping cart and Gift-O-Matic are all CGI::Apps
  • Abrams Rest is a house rental site for Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. Abram's Rest by Robert Hicks aka sigzero in Perl circles.
  • Symphony Printing the "back-end" uses CGI::App (tracking printing projects) and a number of related modules, and HTML-Template
  • 2-Minute Explainer.com Flash demos for IT and B2B marketing. Built and maintained with CGI::App, Perl Template-Toolkit, and jQuery.
  • Job and Education - Job search board and information about colleges and institutions in Moldova. In Russian for now. Uses Cgi::App, TT, DBIx::Class.
  • miRule - Rule based Micro-RNA prediction tool for Hexapods Developed by Saad Murtaza Khan.
  • Notice. A working example using DBIx::Class, TT, Cgi::App, that combines Authentication, Session, Config Auto that can be cloned from github.