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Getting Involved

At the core of our community is a group of professional website developers passionate about this toolkit. Many of us use it all day at work, and enjoy contributing back to the community in our free time.

Here are development resources for those interested in getting involved in CGI::Application related projects.


CGI::Application has a mailing list and IRC dedicated to it. We don't distinquish between user and devel channels, which works well. There tends to be a little tech support discussion, but much conversation tends to be about best practices for web development, or new directions for C::A related projects.

  • IRC channel – #cgiapp on irc.perl.org For those unfamiliar with IRC this page http://www.irc.perl.org/ provides rules, guidelines and helpful tips. Please do be sure to read them before signing on. Besides the IRC programs they recommend, Gaim is a great even if you haven't used IRC before, and is available for Linux and Windows.

Public Source Code Repositories

CGI::Application darcs get http://mark.stosberg.com/darcs_hive/cgi-app
Data::FormValidator darcs get http://mark.stosberg.com/darcs_hive/dfv
CGI::Session svn co svn://svn.cromedome.net/CGI-Session

Projects looking for coders

Non-code contributions

We encourage people to join in with helping with all aspects of CGI::Application, including help the wiki, graphic design and marketing.


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Promoting CGI::Application

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