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Plugins Wanted

This page is dedicated to ideas for plugins and extensions for CGI::Application that are waiting on someone to implement them.

Use the edit icon at the bottom of the page to add a vote for a plugin you would like to see, using the example syntax you'll find there.


Ease testing CGI::App's with Selenium.

This will be basically the same as Test::WWW::Selenium::Catalyst.

Votes for Test::WWW::Selenium::CGIApp: +


This plugin would help with displaying result sets for database driven sets. In particular, it would help create links and arrows that allow users to sort by any column in ascending or descending an order. An example of this functionality is here:


It's possible this would be best addressed by a stand-alone module, which a plugin providing a thin wrapper to provide $self->query.

Mark Stosberg has homegrown code to seed this project.

Votes for SortableColumn_links: +

Log To Pop Up

This extension would provide glue between the LogDispatch plugin and the DevPopup plugin. It would capture any logging that happens during a request cycle, and make it available for inspection in the Developer PopUp. A possible implementation might be to simply save a copy of everything sent to STDERR for this purpose (no LogDispatch integration needed).