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Best Practices

CGI::Application Best Practices

Best Practices for Perl-based web development

  • Paging data between Multiple Screens of Data - options available to page between multiple screens of data ( next / previous page / jump to page X / etc)
  • Template and Project Directory Structure - numerous ways of structuring templates for multiple modules as well as a whole project-wide directory structure
  • Setting Values in a Select (Drop Down) Box - options, examples and suggestions on how to dynamically set the values in select boxes (also covers some more advanced form population techniques).

General Perl Coding Best Practices

Recommend Books for Best Practices of Software Development

  • Code Complete
    • Mark Stosberg says: This is the most useful book I have read so far on software development. It hardly mentions Perl, but it doesn't matter– This wisdom is not language specific.
  • The Pragmatic Programmer
    • Steve Comrie says: This is the most useful book on programming that I've read since Code Complete. Great concepts and ideas on all topics through-out the project life-cycle

Design Patterns in Software Development

Database-driven websites